We have produced a number of tutorials to help teachers give “wild” lessons straight out of the Wild Bible. We have turned the WILD Bible into a 10 week curriculum resource (that can be utilised where compliant with the approved program used in the group setting) that includes, lessons plans and exclusive lessons tutorials that will help you teach out of the WILD Bible effectively and dynamically. The WILD curriculum is adaptable for all settings but really shines with the Grade 4-6 bracket.  These  tutorials will help you teach an interesting, narrative driven lesson using the Wild Bible as a text.

What are the ingredients for a great lesson. We’ll show you where and how to start planning a great lesson using the Wild Bible.

People enjoy hearing and telling stories. We take a look at 3 stories that you can use to take children on a journey through your lesson. The 3 stories are your story, their story and Gods story. Enjoy…


Here are some great ground rules that will help you teach ethically and excellently.