We have produced a collection of exciting lessons that come straight out of the Wild Bible. We have turned the WILD Bible into a 10 week curriculum a curriculum resource (that can be utilised where compliant with the approved program used in the group) that includes, lessons plans and exclusive lessons tutorials that will help you teach out of the WILD Bible effectively and dynamically. The WILD curriculum is adaptable for all settings but really shines with the Grade 4-6 bracket. These lessons and tutorials will help you lead children to a knowledge and revelation of Jesus as Savior, Lord and Friend.

Lesson One – A Present From God

The focus of this lesson is that God has a gift he wants to give you and this gift is not like anything you have ever been given before. This lesson is not about learning the Christian religion, but more about finding how much God loves you and the wonderful plan he has for your life.

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Lesson Two – Wide Wild Word of God

Right from the very beginning God had an amazing big idea and purpose for every person on earth – it was awesome! But from the start, people rejected Gods big idea and wanted to do their own little ideas.  Things went horribly wrong on the planet. But it didn’t shatter Gods dream, as he still has an amazing plan that started a long time ago for every person, it continues today and will last forever. God is inviting you and I to experience His wonderful plan. This amazing plan is called “salvation”.

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Lesson Three – Who’s Who

God is a spirit being not a human being like us. We can’t see or touch Him but we can experience his love and know his voice. The WILD is a story about Jesus, who left heaven and become a human being so we could touch him, see him and know him – ‘have a burger with God’. He showed us how we could know God in heaven and live with his love and power in our lives on earth. Many people have different opinions about who Jesus is but it is time to check out the facts and find out who he really is.

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Lesson Four – Jesus Life

This lesson is about being friends with God. In time God sent his son Jesus to earth as a human being so he could get up close and personal with the people he had created. We had made God into a religion and become afraid of him. We could never measure up to Gods awesomeness, so he came down to our level.

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Lesson Five – Jesus Shows His True Colours

The purpose of this lesson is to show Jesus was not just a good man but Gods son with super powers, the type of powers that create a universe, someone you should worship. Jesus did things that were impossible for people to do but easy for God to do.

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Lesson Six – Clash of the Kingdoms

Jesus is a King and not just any king but the King of all kings. His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom not seen with human eyes, however when Jesus comes to earth he demonstrates the power of his kingdom and explains to people what they should do to be a part of his kingdom.

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Lesson Seven – Doctor Jesus

The point of this lesson is to show that God is good. That God is the giver of every good gift he simply doesn’t give bad gifts. The question is sometimes asked, if God was a good God why is there so much suffering.

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Lesson Eight – Free

The point of this lesson is to unpack the story of Jesus being crucified and to give the reasons why Jesus allowed this to happen to him. We will talk about the effects of sin in our personal life and of the reasons why a holy God has to punish sin. The purpose of this lesson is not to be morbid but to drive home the great lengths that Jesus went to rescue us and set us free from sin.

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Lesson Nine – New Life

The point of this lesson is to bring home that Jesus is alive. For thousands of years people die and go to their grave. Nobody in the world has the power to stop themselves from dying and nobody lives forever. But Jesus comes back to life – he is alive and he is here right now.

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Lesson Ten – What Next

The purpose of this lesson is to give the children a new Christian’s crash course. We want to give them instructions on what to do next and share some vital keys in following the example of Jesus.

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